Steffen Lewenhardt
CGI, Tech Support, Generalist

I am basically a die-hard, self-tought computer graphics specialist who pushed into professional 3D CGI out of passion quite successfully.

Working in the field, especially in it's earlier stages and smaller studio and offsite settings, often demanded a deeper understanding of a large variety of systems involved. As CG work constantly pushed against the limits of technology, troubleshooting in areas of large data quantities, hard- / software & network limitations were a given; and pipelining across multiple software interactions was a skill I wanted to develop on at least a sub-surface level.

Along the way I learned a lot about correlated fields such as several forms of 2D CG, Print, Webdesign and Technology. I am capable of fixing most problems a system can throw at you in standard work environments and then some, especially if it comes to utilizing methodes outside of my personal scope, as I am research-driven and question and update my knowledge base constantly.

As a person I learned to distrust conventional information pathways a lot and tend to emphazise my thinking in stress-test and ridicule-based scenarios. This can make me a challenging partner to converse with, however, I have good communication skills and favor a harmonic environment, which I also need to operate successfully. This combination has made me a good team player in the past who can bring new questions to a table while recognizing the needs of other streams out of my team.

Karlsruher Str. 116, 01189 Dresden, Germany
+49 (0)351 3320275